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Stylish and spacious, the one and only one American garage in the world.


divergent Co.,Ltd. (Head Office: 〒162-0804, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Nakasato address 27 Kagurazaka First Building 5F. CEO: Mr. Ono Taiki) is one of the few authorised resellers of AMERICAN STEEL CARPORTS Inc. and FUTURE BUILDINGS in Japan. The sales in Japan has began from march 2015.

We produce a stylish and spacious design of all shapes and sizes garage materials which is unique in United States.

Even though American garage culture is not in Japan, users will definitely be overwhelmed to view the difference due to its uniqueness and feasibility.

The pillars and beams are made up of special Galvanized steel. As the steel are commercially baked on finishing and the corrosion resistance materials are used for durability, it can be widely used in coastal areas as well as anywhere even in the anxious rust area.

It provides all the possible customizable options to customer as per their preferences such as color selection from possible matching colors from the rich set of color variations, size to match the budzet as well as premises, combining the colors and choosing the shapes of windows and roof is also possible.

When you choose American garage, you are choosing the best. The construction work is done within a span of a week. Furthermore, the body is moved in the trailer. It involves its activities in small events too.

Based on its uniqueness, American garage has expanded its products in various applications such as carport, bike garage, water sports, hobbies retreat, music studio etc. Due to the dynamic variation people can use it in any form based on their needs.

Be confitdent to fulfil your dream with a stylish spacious garage that cannot be represented by any other garages available in Japan.


Made in America (Manufactured by AMERICAN STEEL CARPORTS Inc.)

American Steel carport
American Steel garage
American steel storage
4POST LIFT (100 volt for multi-storey car park)
2POST LIFT (100 volt for multi-storey car park)

Made in Canada (FUTURE BUILDINGS Co.Ltd.)

Shelter type garage

Target Area

We make it available in Japan and support nationwide.

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Company Name

divergent Co.,Ltd.


VORT Yotsuyasakamachi 7th floor,
Yotsuyasakamachi 12-22, Shinjuku ku, Tokyo, 160-0002, Japan

Established On

February 20, 2012


¥30,000,000 (2015, March)

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ono Taiki

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